Monday, 30 September 2013

October Goals

This month I'm keeping it simple. Have I said that before?

1. Review the 3 tops and dress I made in September (sneak peek pics in previous post). I had this wild idea that my husband could take photos of me in my new things during our holiday. Kind of like a fashion shoot in a tropical resort. Me playing tennis in my sporty blue V-neck, me jauntily holding my wine glass so you can see how lovely my new dress is.... Like that was going to happen on a family holiday!!! So when I do get some photos of me wearing my tops and dress, I'll post them.

2. Make the 2 skirts I was going to make for Scary September using my Sure-Fit Designs dress kit. I downloaded Glenda's fashion leaflet on how to adapt the dress kit for a pencil skirt. It details how much ease to take out of the dress pattern to make a more fitted skirt. It will certainly take a lot more guesswork out of drafting the pattern.

3. Complete the tasks for my online classes. This month I have enrolled in two of Sarah Veblen's classes on Pattern Review.
I have been waiting for the Interfacing class to come back for a while. I'm hoping I'll have a much better idea about interfacings in a week or so and will make much better choices, both in-store, and in the sewing room. Sarah's classes usually have a project to do to consolidate the information. I have never done the project in the previous 5(?) classes of hers. This time I think I need to.
I'm also enrolled in her Underlining class. It also comes with a kit and projects. I'll be a busy little learner this month.
And of course, when I have completed each course, I will share my experience here!

OK. This seems do-able. What could possibly go wrong!!


  1. Gosh I thought you were keeping things simple, I desperately need to make curtains as the clock alter this month and its getting very cold here.

  2. Good luck with your goals! I have to look up the Sure-Fit Designs dress kit, sounds intriguing. And, let us know how the pattern review classes are.