Friday, 30 August 2013

Velvet Dancing Pants - Kwik Sew 3498

Children grow. You can't stop them. My daughter's blue crushed velvet dance pants were showing way too much ankle. It was time to trace off the next size of Kwik Sew 3498 and get sewing. This time we had a very cheap, but lovely green crushed panne from Lincraft, and a gorgeous top quality purple stretch velvet remnant from GJs.
I made the green ones first to test the size. Her measurements were an exact match for the size, so I was a bit surprised when the pants were a tad short. My solution: add a 1" band to the hem. It was easy enough but when I was working out which way to sew to keep the pile going down...... well, let's just say I spent so much time graining the fabric before I cut it and not enough time (or any time) checking the nap!! Never mind - no one will notice....
These pants are very easy and quick to sew. My daughter prefers the crossover slightly dipped V waistband to the roll top waistband.

I couldn't wait to cut into the purple velvet. I lengthened the pattern 2" and set to it - checking the nap as well as graining the fabric this time.

There was a tiny bobble when I sewed the waistband on, which became a more obvious bobble when I tried to fix it. :( Other than that - they looked great - until she put them on - too long!! I always fall into this trap - just when I think my fabric assessment skills are improving - this velvet has much more vertical stretch then the green crushed panne. I didn't need to adjust the pattern at all. Grrrr.
My solution: to turn up the hem once more, which will be a bonus for next winter when she has grown again!!

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  1. Love the pants, especially the crossover waistband. The extra length in the hem will definitely come in handy so I wouldn't even call it a mistake :)