Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sewing for Boys - Camouflage Doona cover and Pillows

I've been feeling increasingly guilty about not sewing anything for my son. He sees me spend hours upon hours sewing dance costumes, and clothes for myself, but nothing for him. We have planned a few things. I have a couple of boys patterns in my stash, and fabrics too, but with kids clothes being so cheap, and the boys clothes styled with cool stuff like skulls and monsters and the like, I just can't make what he wants.

He has grown out of his little boy style bedding - rockets, soccer themed doona covers - and Kmart had a camouflage set on sale. It was only $9 so I bought it for him. He really liked it (yucky shiny polyester) but asked me to try to get a more green one - more army style. He was disappointed that Kmart only had the blue colour-way.

On Monday I went to Darn Cheap Fabrics to check out their end of season sale, and in the far corner was a camouflage 100% cotton jersey for $6.95/m. I knew exactly what to do with that, and did a quick calculation of how much I needed: 4m for the doona cover and extra for the pillows. There was just over 6m left on the bolt. This was meant for him!

I used one of his current doona covers for the "pattern" and made it like a giant pillow slip. I had hoped it would enclose the doona well enough, but I think I'll put a couple of press studs to close off the bottom. He has 2 U-shaped pillows and 1 normal pillow. Again, I used his pillow cases as templates. The U-shape pillows take a lot of fabric to cover, so for one of the backs, I needed to piece some off cuts together, but I'm really happy with the result - and so is he!

You can barely see the pillow at the end - camouflaged!

This project came together in record time. Fabric purchased on Monday, washed on Tuesday, sewn Wednesday and Thursday, and in use Thursday night!

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  1. Great un-selfish sewing. Probably not so hard to sew, but I wouldn't be keen on handling the large pieces of fabric required. I can see why he is a happy boy!
    Love the leotard in the last post too!