Monday, 12 August 2013

July Wrap-Up

I know it's mid-August!! The days kind of blurred together again late in the month as life got a bit hectic. I did achieve quite a lot last month. First, I'll review my goals.

1. Review the rest of the dance costumes I made - I reviewed 1! I have the photos ready now for the rest. I am particularly proud of how the tutu turned out, so I must share that soon.

2. Make a dress from my Sure-Fit Designs dress kit. - Yes I did! Two, in fact. It was August when they were finished, but the process began in July and I'm excited about the results.

3. Make some knit tops using the Sure-Fit Designs dress kit. - I made one top while I was experimenting with pattern work for my dress.

4. Get back on track with my weight loss. - The general trend is downwards, so I'm pretty happy with that.

Once the dancewear was done, I was able to clear my dining table and my mind. I decided to move my sewing down into the spare room, so I can continue with my projects, but be able to close the door on them too. It's worked out particularly well. I've had a thorough sort out of the crapola which was stored in there, and there's plenty of room in the cupboard for my stash, patterns, notions - well, everything!! It shouldn't be too much trouble to turn it back into a bedroom should visitors come to stay. I call it my cave.

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