Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Jalie 2105 Revisited

I thought I had finished my daughter's tap costume! Her teacher thought the leotard (Kwik Sew 2679) was too low cut. Never mind. I decided to have another go at Jalie 2105 which I knew was much, much higher cut.
As always, I made a test leotard. Jalie tends to run small, and the sizes are very close together.
Jalie 2105- Adjusted. Front view.
This pattern is out of print now. I think I finally solved one of it's problems. The leg elastic guide made for very loose legs, and the neck elastic guide made for a very tight neck. I think they were labelled incorrectly. The longer length of elastic was much easier to apply and the neckline sits very nicely.
The legs were still too high cut, even with a more appropriate length of elastic. My daughter and I settled on a leg opening that required a further 2 inches to be taken out of the crotch.
In this design, the back neckline of the leotard is cut lower than the front.



Once we were satisfied with the fit, I made the costume leotard in black lycra with the front panel out of a remnant sequinned lycra underlined with the plain lycra. I was going to just use the sequins for the lower half, but decided to do the whole front. While it looks great, it probably wasn't the best idea. Firstly, the sequinned lycra isn't as stretchy as plain, so I might need to make yet another one depending on how much my daughter grows before next year's competitions. And secondly, the neckline was very scratchy, so I sewed a plain lycra band over the top. I wish I'd thought to do that during construction, rather than after, as the finish would have been better, but I'm the only one who notices.

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