Monday, 12 August 2013

August Goals

For the rest of this month, I'm going to concentrate on planning new projects and reflecting on the ones I've done. I started this blog in January so it could be my online diary, where I can share my projects, but mostly keep a record of my work. Working month by month has helped keep the goals in reach, but I feel I need to spend more time working on my blog. Writing was a big part of my younger years, and I'd like to rekindle that part of me.

My goals for August are:

1. Write about my work. I'd like to share my tutu, Jalie leotard, Kwik Sew girls pants, and Sure-Fit Designs dresses. Also, talk about the classes I've taken this year and the books I've read.

2. Learn more about blog world. I found the "follow me" gadget, so people can more easily add this blog to their reading lists if they want.  I'm also exploring Bloglovin' and will be using that too.

3. Engage more in blog world. I've been following more and more blogs. It's wonderful to see what others are doing, and learn from their experiences. I think it's time to get more involved in this community.

4. Plan for the Mini-Wardrobe competition on Pattern Review.

5. Decide what to do for  Scary September. BeaJay from On the Road to Sew Wear is hosting a sew-along this September which encourages us to step outside our comfort zones. Zips are definitely something I avoid, so I'll be incorporating at least 1 zip (I've never inserted an invisible zip) into a garment for the Mini-Wardrobe competition. I've also never entered a sewing competition before, so that's two scary things for me to look forward to.

My sewing machine and overlocker are in for a much deserved service this week, so without any distractions from my sewing cave, I should be able to make the most of this time online.

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  1. You have done a pile of sewing - tutu's, surefit - sounds like you are exploring all sorts of directions. I look forward to hearing more about them.