Monday, 1 July 2013

June Wrap-Up

I've had very busy little fingers this month. It seems like I never stopped sewing. How did I go?

1. Make body board for sequinning leotards. Ummmm, no. That will need to be done for the end of year costumes, though.

2. Make tutu bag. Ummmm, no. It is cut out, ready, but didn't get it done in time for her performance last week, so the tutu was unceremoniously transported in a big black garbage bag :(

3. Finishing touches on dance costumes. YES yes yes yes. I ended up with such sore fingers that I cut the fingers off latex gloves to protect my poor fingers from the needle, and the fabric from my fingers!! This always takes much longer than you expect. And there's always MORE you can do...

4. Sure-Fit designs blueprint. Yes, I did! I made a knit top using the dress kit, but the neckband needs redoing (again) before I can wear it out of the house.

5. Update blog. Yes, more to come.

6. Weight loss? Ummmm, no. Too stressed with dance costuming deadlines and very late nights.

All up, a pretty successful month.

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