Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another New Look

Another day, another dance costume!

This is New Look 6309. It's out of print now. I first made it a few years ago for a my daughter's very first dance solo. It's for a character piece about a little girl who finds an injured bird. (I also made the bird!)

I used a stormy blue cotton sateen with a pleated cream trim on the collar and sleeves and a cream velvet ribbon around the waist. I much prefer the fabric in this version to the sandwashed linen I used for the previous one (pictured below). The linen looked lovely up close, but a little washed out on stage.

The style of this dress allows her move easily. The puffed sleeves aren't too tight and the skirt falls nicely from the bodice and doesn't get in the way of the dancing.


  1. Wow! Great costumes! I would have been so happy if my Mum had made me such great dance costumes. :)