Monday, 13 May 2013

Leotard - Kwik Sew 2679

I needed a leotard as a foundation garment for my daughter's song&tap costume. I chose Kwik Sew 2679 because of the high neckline. It is to be worn under a coat and tails with waistcoat.
My practise leotard went together like a dream. It also fitted her perfectly! The centre back seam really helps get a good fit, and the elastic guide was spot-on.  I used this bright pink foil printed 4-way stretch lycra. The back of the neck was secured with press studs as I didn't have a bikini closure on hand.

For the costume leotard I used a plain black 4-way stretch lycra. I also invested in the plastic clasp for the neck. The neckline sits  much nicer with the clasp. I also like the cut out design feature in the back. Something different.

This pattern has quite a low leg as you can see from the picture below. You could almost call it a "boy leg" style. This is ok for younger girls, but it's not really the done thing for tap dancing costumes. They are cut higher to make the legs look longer.

So I'll be making yet another leotard. This one will be in a sequinned black stretch lycra (for the bottom half which shows below the waistcoat) with a higher cut leg. As a costume it needs a bit more bling! Costumes always look over the top up close, but we need to make them pop from a distance.


  1. A great blog and your outfits look superb wish I could do that . The young lady in last picture looks very enchanting