Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Coat and Tails for Song & Tap

Yes folks, it's still dance costume time in my house. This time I was looking for a Song and Tap costume with an old Hollywood theme. I decided on a coat and tails and went looking for a pattern. McCall's 6143 was perfect. It's an American themed set of costumes from the Statue of Liberty to Abraham Lincoln to Uncle Sam. I worked with the Uncle Sam costume.

The waistcoat came together very easily. I made it in a gold 4-way stretch lycra even though the pattern is made for woven fabrics, and crossed my fingers! I needed to topstitch around all the edges as lycra doesn't press very well and I'm very happy with the result. I didn't have any black buttons, so I used black sequins. There were ties extending around the back, but I cut them off as the lycra stretched completely around her back, and I replaced them with a large press snap. I also added press snaps to the front to keep the coat in place while she dances. You don't see them once the outfit is on.

The only part I did have find a bit tricky was the dickie. It looks like such a simple piece, but somehow I managed to misread the instructions about how to attach the collar stand to the bib part and I sewed it together with only one of the seam allowances tucked under. Luckily it was on the wrong side. It was no drama, really and was fixed with a bit of topstitching. I made the bow tie with offcuts of the lycra. I think I'll be replacing the gold one with a black bow tie made from the waist ties I cut off as it would stand out more on stage.

For the coat I used a polyester interlock which was quite thick. I didn't want to coat to look flimsy while she danced around. I also wanted it to have plenty of give for movement. So again, I crossed my fingers that a stretch fabric would still work and not cause fit problems. I needed to topstitch seams with this garment also, but I think this also makes it look better.

For a costume pattern, this coat has quite a nice shape.
The only adjustment I made to the pattern was rounding off the tails. I think they look better rounded off than straight cut.

I added the large gold sequins to outline the collar. I still need to add a bit more bling. The collar area needs to be filled in with black sequins, and a couple of big gold buttons will set off the back of the coat nicely, and possibly on the sleeves too. There are also 2 large snaps on each inside front to secure it to the waistcoat.


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  1. You did such a great job on this! Wonderful! Hope your daughter has time to learn to sew too, dance keeps her very busy I imagine.