Tuesday, 16 April 2013

March Wrap-Up (In mid-April!)

Have I been avoiding my blog? Maybe.
Did I meet my goals? Actually, mostly!! (Especially if you let March run into April.)

Goal 1.  Finish practice tutu. Yes I did! And I made a second toile with a better leotard and a wider skirt. The leotard was fine, the skirt was floppy.

Goal 2. Make a tap dancing costume: coat and tails (McCalls 6143) with leotard (Kwik Sew 2725). Yes I did! I used Kwik Sew 2679 for the leotard instead of 2725. Review to follow soon.

Goal 3. Make another character costume as DD has grown out of the one I made 2 years ago (how rude!) New Look 6309. Yes I did! Review to follow soon.

Goal 4. Make DD's competition tutu. Well that didn't happen, but I did make 2 tutus, and learnt a lot in the process.

I did, however, make a Song and Dance costume from Kwik Sew 3698, Butterick 4889,  Jalie 2105 and Kwik Sew 2679. Review to follow soon.

Did I do any sewing for me? No. Those costumes took up an inordinate amount of time.

I did do some things for myself this month. Firstly, the colour analysis I already blogged about. I have spent more time thinking about my clothing choices, both colour and style choices and have planned my "capsule" wardrobe for this winter. The fabrics are washed and ready to go, so when I get this dance craziness out of the way, it's my turn!

Learning has been a big part of March for me. Sarah Veblen's Understanding Knits course came up on Pattern Review, and I wanted to take this class when it became available. Not the best timing, but I enrolled anyway. What a great class! She really concentrates on the "understanding" of the fabrics, so I'm confident I will make better fabric choices for knit garments, and better garment choices for knit fabrics (depending on what comes first!) I liked it so much I immediately signed up for her "More Knits" course...... And now I'm busily sewing my muslin for her Pants Fitting course. Seems like I've become a bit of a Sarah Veblen groupie! All these classes will be reviewed soon.

And finally, did I lose weight? YES I DID!! Just over 2kg, and considering March is my birthday month as well as Easter and the start of school holidays, I'm pretty proud of that. :D

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