Friday, 1 March 2013

March Goals

March is going to be busy busy busy. There are a few things I must get done.

1. Finish practice tutu
2. Make a tap dancing costume: coat and tails (McCalls 6143) with leotard (Kwik Sew 2725)
3. Make another character costume as DD has grown out of the one I made 2 years ago (how rude!) New Look 6309
4. Make DD's competition tutu

For someone who is easily distracted, I'm going to have to get cracking and stay on target.

It would be very nice if I can get all the above done, so I can sew some things for me.

1. 2 black tees (J. Stern designs)
2. Finish UFO shorts (Ottobre)
3. Have a go at The Challenge.

I'm very excited to be having a colour analysis this month. Being able to buy fabrics with more confidence that they'll suit me will be a bonus. There's only 1 fabric store local to me that has a mirror to "try on" the fabric before you buy, so taking swatches with me will be fun.

My other personal goal is to lose another 4 kg. Yesterday I wore my Jalie jeans I made last July and I needed to wear a belt. I felt so proud of myself!

I'll also be learning more about knits this month. I've enrolled in Sarah Veblen's Understanding Knit Fabrics course on Pattern Review.  Can't wait for my kit to arrive. The Craftsy course I did on knits was hopeless, and the snippets of Sarah's classes I've seen seem very informative. I sew with a lot of knit fabrics, so hopefully my garments will be looking much more professional after the course.

Am I expecting too much of myself? Maybe.
What's that noise? Oh, the whip is cracking already. I need to get off the computer and sew!!!!


  1. I will like to read how the 2 knit classes compare and how the color analysis works for you. Please be sure to post your findings on your Monthly Goals messages at Pattern Review. ---Ashford

    1. Will do Ash. So far the PR knit course has been fabulous. She has designed the course so we learn a lot about different types of knits and how the properties of each knit will effect the garment. I wrote about my colour analysis today.