Sunday, 17 March 2013

Have you ever had your "Colours Done"?

I did. Last week. It's taken me a few days to even begin to digest the information. As it turns out, black is not my colour! And there are many colours that apparently are "me", that I have never worn in my life!

I invited Imogen from Bespoke Image to come to my home and do a colour analysis. After spending a bit of time placing large multicolour swatches across my chest, she announced I was an "Exotic" colouring. What does that mean? I'm still getting my head around that one!

She gave me a book and a lovely colour swatch containing a palette of colours that are supposed to suit my warm skin tone. We then spent a lot of time talking about colour whilst going through the book, which covers how to wear your colours to suit your hair and eyes as well as your own personal style. Imogen highlighted 11 colours from my swatch that are supposed to enhance my eyes. We also spent come time talking about makeup and hair colours (should I ever wish to dye my hair).

After we said goodbye I was feeling very overwhelmed. How could I not know which colours suit me best? Left with my book and swatches, I went through them both very thoroughly several times. Then it was time to tackle the wardrobe. The predominant colour in my wardrobe is black. If I threw it all out, I would have nothing left to wear! So into the garbage bag went most of my black things, and some of the other items that are too far away from my new colour palette. Unfortunately, I also had to get rid of some things that were a perfect match for a swatch. Colour - spot on, style - What was I thinking??

What do I do now? Well, I begin to rebuild my wardrobe. Imogen's Inside Out Style Blog is full of information. Using some of her ideas, I am planning a capsule wardrobe for casual wear, utilising the few items that I love and can keep, and adding some desperately needed new tops. Armed with my swatches I went fabric shopping and came home with fabric for 4 new tops and a denim skirt. I can't wait to get them sewn up and see how I look!


  1. Interesting. Exotic is a new descriptor again. I have been told I am warm light and find some of the colours you describe are the ones I would wear.

  2. I had my colours done years ago, live by them and am a Deep Autumn (not sure where that fits with the
    Exotic). Don't discard all your black, you can wear it, just need it to be a bottom or if on top use one of your new colours as a scraf or vest until you get your new tops sorted.