Friday, 1 February 2013

February Goals

This year I'm trying to set achievable goals month by month.
For February, I hope to:
1. Finish my practise tutu for DD1. It's all cut out since October and I have started sewing, but need to do some frog stitch, so it's been ignored for a while. DD needs the real thing by April, so the clock is ticking now. I'm using the patterns and instruction book from
2. Sew 2 tees for myself. One V-neck and 1 scoop-neck using my J.Stern pattern. Will need to alter the boat neckline to a scoop.
3. Review the books I read in January.
4. Lose 4kg. (Thought I'd just slip that one in!)
5. If I've managed to do all of the above - attempt The Challenge!


  1. Good luck. Will enjoy watching your progress.

  2. Good goals! I like the way you are breaking them down month by month. So many people put their goals out in January for the whole year. Not realistic, as it's too difficult to plan projects for the entire year, and then you end up not finishing things since they did not have a definite finish time.